Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pinky Wednesday

 ( Wearing: dress Zara knitwear, loafers River Island, sunglasses h&m, computer case Gaudì ) 

It's a very strange feeling when you sense that your life is in danger. It's something we're totally not confident with, since most of us has never been to war and we don't live during the witch-hunt. We've been having earthquakes here in Northern Italy that were less powerful in the area where I live. This inevitably led me to meditating on danger. On one hand experiencing such a high adrenalin rush might even be thrilling because, when the danger comes, you'll lose all inhibition and follow what you shallow heart says (we should have more of this in regular life, though). On the other, the idea that there might be no escape is dismaying. Although I tend to be a very meek person, if we had an very powerful earthquake here, I'll run the hell out of myself just thinking about my mother's angry face yelling " How could you possibly get injured!? Why didn't you fly out in the first place?!!"...yeah..she strongly believes I'm endowed with super powers..ahahah.