Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quick post: what I won't be wearing




 Wearing dress asos
This probably what I won't be wearing this winter. I got this dress on last week. I loved it so much since the first time I saw it and took advantage of the fashion week 20% discount to buy it. Unluckily I got size 10 rather that 8 or 6 and this is what it looks like on me. It's too slouchy and it's not body conscious at all. I can't even get a smaller size because they're all sold out, and the dress comes in a super soft fabric and it's completely knitted - not sure a normal taylor can handle that! I'll be forced to put it in a small box, together with a portion of my heart, and send it back to UK, get a refund and get along with that. Anyway there's still a small chance that a size 8 could get back in stock. I'm keeping my finger crossed.
Hope the miracle can be done.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Super bossy



Wearing: all unknown brands except the wedges and sunglasses h&m

This is what I wore to V. the other day. I went there the previous day and I was unable to do anything. So I said to myself I need to get tougher, more determined and organised. 
That's basically how I came up with this Super Bossy outfit. 
While getting ready the previous night I thought " I have nothing to wear! " and found myself laughing alone realising that that was such a big lie. I have tons of beautiful clothes and shoes I barely wear and I decided to take some of them out for a walk that day. I love the statement necklace so much. I've had it for like ever but I never wore it. Another thing I love but almost never wore are the wedges. I think they are the only pair of clogs I could ever wear: chunky but delicate. 
One of my motto lately is  " Work with what you have " and that's exactly what I did here and I'll be doing in future. If I had to describe this outfit in a word I'd say contrast. Top vs Bottom, statement vs chuncky or classy vs badass.

Thursday, 22 September 2011






Wearing: top Zara, sandals Zara, shirt my dad's, cuffs necklace and bag h&m

This was not what I was thinking about this morning when I said " I'll be going out for a post today ". It all started with the idea that I wanted a longer length skirt, but I didn't have any. So I just took my dad's shirt and turn it into a skirt ( as I did here ) but then it looked better as a mini skirt. I had some errands to get done in the morning and of course all eyes and some smiles were on my skirt. In the afternoon I met with my friend R. ( I'll never be tired to say how much I enjoy your company ♥ ) and we had a great time. What I love the most about this outfit is the model-off-duty-do. It seems like I just came out a show and had a tour around the city.  I'm sure my style is evolving and hope my life will follow the same flow. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011




Wearing: all unknown brands

I'm speechless. I have to get tougher.
 Tougher than my failure
Harder than my fears
Stronger than my weaknes.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

P.S. Thank you




Wearing: top Zara, jeans thrifted, pumps primark

P.S. Random thoughts:
I love this high waisted jeans. I got them at a thrift store. The first time I went there with my friend C. and G. I was freaking out. African people have this thing about body-blood-spirit menanig that we don't like wearing other's clothes. I'm happy I realized when you have them on you don't think about it at all.

My camera sucks

My personal photographer-hairstylist-advisor aka my sister is gone for a while. I'm afraid it's kind of  appaling.

I need to lose weight a little bit and shape up.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fall Preview




 Wearing: harem pants Zara, the rest unknown brands
 It's not fall yet but all fashionistas are looking foward to the new season. A new season means more shopping, new trends to experiment with and new colours. I'm really "studying" all the catalougs I find and I'm soo inspired for fall. I wanted to create something similar to what I saw but I'm afraid I still need to go back on my books.