Thursday, 9 June 2011

Run out of skirts, started wearing shirts

 Today was a rainy day and although I tend to have the blues when it rains (and I actually did have the blues), the bad weather was able to inspire me. There's not much to say about this outfit. Just imagine wearing you're dad's shirt to the office becuase you've eventually run out of skirts!
I love male pieces worn in a feminine way. Another thing I'm in love with is the feature that allows you to post pictures in natural size. It's kind of creepy, I know, but to me it seems like it takes you right to the place and the situation in which the picture was taken. Love it or hate it?


  1. Oh cool, love how you styled that shirt into a skirt! Very creative :D

    Thanks for your comment on my camden town post last month lol, yes I got a pocket watch :)


  2. love this it, its so gonna try it


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