Friday, 28 October 2011

Port Láirge:Éire

 Wearing:blouse stradivarius,jumper old,necklace h&m,shorts minkpink,shoes unknown brand,bag vintage (gifted by my caring friend R),coat zara.

Hi Guys, I'm blogging from Port Láirge! The weather here seems hotter than at home (or I just wore thicker clothes than I use to) so I decided to try the shorts-in-winter thing. I'm pretty satisfied with the way the outfit turned out and of course it made lots of head turn in here either - which I'm not sure is quiet positive but I believe it's part of being a fashionista. I added some sort of fall darkness to this look with the black lips (in my case it's just eyeliner and lip pencil) . I'm loving the effect and I might definitely be getting myself a real lipstick.This week I was planning to cross the sea and add some excitement to this short break by heading to London for a couple of days. I knew it was going to be great fun but unluckily I couldn't make it, anyway I'm not letting a little disappointment ruin the rest of my holiday and I'll have to schedule a London trip asap! For now, all I can say is that 
The best is yet to come..

Saturday, 22 October 2011

So (T)urban

Wearing:shirt zara,blazer asos,jeans ucb,boots romwe,coat h&m,turban loose fabric.

This week we've been having so much rain and wind and cold that my dress code had turned to clochard-style. Really I had so much layering and opposite styles combination that the only thing missing were cutout black gloves! By the middle of the week I also went from urban to turban. I've been tying this colourful fabric on my head to scare the cold away but I fell in love with the way it shapes my face so I wore it for all the rest of the week. Between I love the masculine cut of this look.The blazer and the shirt have an extremely simple line while the balenciaga-like cutout boots are so grounge! The only touch of femininity is conveyed trough red head and strong facial features.

Sunday, 16 October 2011




Here are some random pictures I took in part of the month that has slipped away, so far.
pic1,2,3. I can't believe that just last week I was sunbathing ( yes...I do sunbath ) at the seaside and now the cold weather has started  striking me. I'm sure there must be something pleasant about winter too. I just don't know yet but, as soon as I find out, I'll share!
pic4,5. We were blessed with this beautiful sunset at the beginning of the week. How I wish I could take some outfit pictures with such a beautiful background. 
pic6.Behind the scene_the naughty student
This week started with lots of excitement. I was so thrilled that I didn't want to go to bed and as soon as I closed my eyes I couldn't wait to wake up. Unluckily excitement doesn't last long but it takes motivation, passion and hard work to keep it coming back.
That's what I'll be working on this week

P.S. I've got my first feature here!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Brit Student


 Wearing: blouse stradivarious, jumper zara,skirt trifted

What would the perfect Brit Student be like? I think she is the one that wears her uniform's skirt much more shorter than she was supposed to. She always has red lipstick and a leather jacket on. Her boyfriend's a loafer with blond,curly hair as scattered as his ideas. She often truants to fly on his bike until they get to Southend-on-Sea. They could sit there for hours just watch the water crash against the rocks. She can't even remember the last time she talked to someone at school. Schoolmates have the word boring printed on their foreheads. Doesn't need to study much to get acceptable marks so as soon as the lessons gets too boring her mind can't help floating out of the window and dreaming of being a bad ass model, one day.

p.s.I'm trying to fix my comment box but I'm no good! If you'd like to leave a comment, but you're not on google connect, feel free to post it on my facebook page wall and I'll reply asap!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Julietta's feelings

pic name

pic name

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pic name

As I've already explained in the previous post I had the great opportunity to participate to Fashion For Juliet Blogger Contest. The earlier post was kind of very quick and messy so I kept the text and changed the pictures for you to have an idea of what I you are..
So this post is about my impressions on the event. 
First of all I feel obliged to thank Marketing Diamond Communication for inviting me to the competition. As a veeeeery little newbie blogger I thought it would have taken me ages to have a  such a chance but luckily I met you  ( thanks ). 
Secondly I'm addressing all the outgoing fashion blogger I met at the event: Alice from Don't be Iconic, Chiara from Iris and Claire, Patty from Patrizia Bel Sito and Gloria. It' s been such a pleasure to get in touch with people who share my same interests, even if it was just for a night. 
Thirdly..let's talk fashion! Here are the best outfits I was able to come up with during the evening and I'd like to spend a couple of words on each of them.
outfit 1.Total look Caractér, except for the FFJ tee and the h&m cuffs and necklace. What I loved the most about this shop was the simple and chic lines of their designs and shop assistants' kindness. I love colours so much and the green pants just popped into my eyes. The wool jacket was standing just outside the fitting room. I simply grabbed it et voilà. 
outfit 2. Tezenis lace top an leather detail leggings. Badass hun? The top is actually a chemise but what's more fashionable than underwear worn as outwear? I love the way it peaks out of the jacket in the last picture on the right.
outfit 3. Caractér dress, boots, necklace and cuffs h&m. This outfit yells contrast. The upper part is so classy which is striking against the punk shoes. I tried to explain it to the shop assistant who asked me ( kind of confused ) "Do you really want to wear that shoes with this dress?". It made me smile.
outfit 4. Total look Max&Co. I've been having a small crush on Max&Co lately (which eventually healed after having a look at the price tags) I read their catalogue like 50 times so, as I stepped into the shop, I thought "this is easy - I'm going androgynous! " It turned out to be even easier than I thought, as soon as I had my hands on their beautiful clothes. This was the first shop I entered ( didn' t feel like a pro yet ) and I felt so shy that one of the waiters was so soften by my attitude that she kept on addressing me as honey..soo sweet!

To round up it was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G competition the winner will be announced on monday. I spent a night feeling like a baby left in a toy shop where she can play for free! Last, but not least, the biggest thanks goes to all the people that voted for me. I'm really grateful and as I've already quoted
"Encourage and I will not forget you"

Friday, 7 October 2011

Am I Juliet?

pic name

pic name

1. My dress code for the day was grounge. It was all my new coutout balenciaga-like boots could ask for.
2. This were the gifts we were presented that night. That fucsia badge really made me feel like  press at fashion week, I stepped in all of the stores with the confident of a fashion industry pro. ahah!

Yesterday night I had the great opportunity to attend to a FASHION BLOGGER CONTEST.
It was my first time ever doing a blogger-like thing and in the end it was really challenging and so much fun. I had the chance to meet really outgoing people who share my same passion. WHAT DID WE HAVE TO DO? We were given the chance to shoot outfit pictures in the stores of the city of Romeo and Juliet - and we tried all the clothes we wanted for free! HOW DO I WIN? As Usual in this type of contest a blogger needs all of the SUPPORT OF HER READERS. All you have to do is say you like my outfit pictures on the facebook pages of the event. If I win I'll be crowned Juliet ♥♥♥ The two pictures above are just a sneak peak of what I wore..More pictures are just a click away..will I become Juliet?
..Don't procastinate beacuse the contest end in 12 hours!
Thank you so much

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Complementing the Seaside


 Wearing top and cuffs h&m, scarf and fabic mum's.

The seaside has the wonderful power to grant instant relaxation and release, I believe that's the simple reason why I went there the other day. This outfit tries to merge a colour combination with some sort of tribal elegance which is all enhanced by the golden cuffs. I love the way the colour palette of the outfit seems to complement the background in a whimsical sequence of sand - blue - sea - brown - scarf - prints - sky and then sand again, thus recreating the perfect recipe of late summer and relaxation: a trip to the seaside. Try to find the time to get yourself a little escape, I'm sure you deserve it.
Lots of love

preview n°6

I went to the sea side yesterday and of course I couldn't forget the blog. I had to share a preview before the post is ready. Believe me, this is not about the's all about the colours.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Never waste a chance


Pictures taken by me

"Never waste a chance to care for someone".
It's sentence I had stuck in my mind for a while. I can't figure out where I read it or heard it so it must be something that my mind formulated in order to express how I'm feeling..well, I feel like caring as much as I can. 
Here are some random pictures I took last week. This is all it's left of a week that's gone and will never come back. Another week is staring with a goal:
Never waste a chance - period.