Friday, 7 October 2011

Am I Juliet?

pic name

pic name

1. My dress code for the day was grounge. It was all my new coutout balenciaga-like boots could ask for.
2. This were the gifts we were presented that night. That fucsia badge really made me feel like  press at fashion week, I stepped in all of the stores with the confident of a fashion industry pro. ahah!

Yesterday night I had the great opportunity to attend to a FASHION BLOGGER CONTEST.
It was my first time ever doing a blogger-like thing and in the end it was really challenging and so much fun. I had the chance to meet really outgoing people who share my same passion. WHAT DID WE HAVE TO DO? We were given the chance to shoot outfit pictures in the stores of the city of Romeo and Juliet - and we tried all the clothes we wanted for free! HOW DO I WIN? As Usual in this type of contest a blogger needs all of the SUPPORT OF HER READERS. All you have to do is say you like my outfit pictures on the facebook pages of the event. If I win I'll be crowned Juliet ♥♥♥ The two pictures above are just a sneak peak of what I wore..More pictures are just a click away..will I become Juliet?
..Don't procastinate beacuse the contest end in 12 hours!
Thank you so much

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  1. Love the outfits specially the red dress and them shoe are BAD i need themm x


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