Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pandora's Box

(wearing: Hat Zara, blazer Zara, dress all the way from africa, boots pittarello)
Last night was like opening a Pandora box. A particular event brought back to the surface a lot of bad feelings I thought I've overcome. Of course waking up this morning was a challenge, but I just tried to put all the negativity away and focus on the beautiful things this life offers daily. Firstly Blackmilk clothimg restocked some old items that I've been longing for for like ages so I might actually be able to get my hands on this, this and this. Secondly I spent the whole day with my lovely friends in this beautiful city. For the future I plan not to focus on how ugly the past might have been or how far the future might seem but I'll just try to enjoy every single day and do the most of a new chance I was granted. As the old saying goes, "Life by the yard is very hard; life by the inch is a cinch!"
p.s. how I wish I wore my Aldo wedges with socks instead of stupid boots but I had to ride my bike and head to the library for a while. Believe me, wearing a pair of high heels in that place might be compared to  stepping into the library with your waist adorned by a belt made of sticks of dynamite.
Between what do you guys say of my superman jump? do you like it?...not so much?! what?! not energetic enough?!...ok, I'll have to work on that -.-"

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Forever Alone

(Wearing: Vintage oversized shirt, black skirt that I made and managed to ruin with an iron this evening..grr, romwe studded loafers, h&m necklace)
I probably should stop going to parties alone, going on vacation alone, studying alone. It's not good for the mind and soul. The only problem is that I really don't seem to find people who share my same interest or have my same vibe, in the small city I live. I often feel that I really don't fit here and if I stay I'll probably die of boredom. I dream of living in a big city and one day I'll make the dream reality. Hoping you guys are having a great weekend and don't forget to work hard and party harder!!