Saturday, 2 June 2012

Forever Alone

(Wearing: Vintage oversized shirt, black skirt that I made and managed to ruin with an iron this evening..grr, romwe studded loafers, h&m necklace)
I probably should stop going to parties alone, going on vacation alone, studying alone. It's not good for the mind and soul. The only problem is that I really don't seem to find people who share my same interest or have my same vibe, in the small city I live. I often feel that I really don't fit here and if I stay I'll probably die of boredom. I dream of living in a big city and one day I'll make the dream reality. Hoping you guys are having a great weekend and don't forget to work hard and party harder!! 


  1. love this skirt!!! its a bummer that it got destroyed!
    and your loafers <3
    I tried to order the leopard one but it was sold out!!! :'(


  2. That leather skirt is really sexy!

    I've been in your shoes (not literally but I wouldn't mind borrowing those gorgeous studded loafers) before, I've felt the same way. In fact I feel this way right now and I live in a big city. It's best to utilize this alone time to focus on yourself and grow, it is possible to find solace in solitude :)

    Hope you're safe and sound!

  3. Spero che il tuo sogno si realizzi presto baby... I will always be with you ...


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