Friday, 28 October 2011

Port Láirge:Éire

 Wearing:blouse stradivarius,jumper old,necklace h&m,shorts minkpink,shoes unknown brand,bag vintage (gifted by my caring friend R),coat zara.

Hi Guys, I'm blogging from Port Láirge! The weather here seems hotter than at home (or I just wore thicker clothes than I use to) so I decided to try the shorts-in-winter thing. I'm pretty satisfied with the way the outfit turned out and of course it made lots of head turn in here either - which I'm not sure is quiet positive but I believe it's part of being a fashionista. I added some sort of fall darkness to this look with the black lips (in my case it's just eyeliner and lip pencil) . I'm loving the effect and I might definitely be getting myself a real lipstick.This week I was planning to cross the sea and add some excitement to this short break by heading to London for a couple of days. I knew it was going to be great fun but unluckily I couldn't make it, anyway I'm not letting a little disappointment ruin the rest of my holiday and I'll have to schedule a London trip asap! For now, all I can say is that 
The best is yet to come..


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