Saturday, 22 October 2011

So (T)urban

Wearing:shirt zara,blazer asos,jeans ucb,boots romwe,coat h&m,turban loose fabric.

This week we've been having so much rain and wind and cold that my dress code had turned to clochard-style. Really I had so much layering and opposite styles combination that the only thing missing were cutout black gloves! By the middle of the week I also went from urban to turban. I've been tying this colourful fabric on my head to scare the cold away but I fell in love with the way it shapes my face so I wore it for all the rest of the week. Between I love the masculine cut of this look.The blazer and the shirt have an extremely simple line while the balenciaga-like cutout boots are so grounge! The only touch of femininity is conveyed trough red head and strong facial features.

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  1. I really love this look. Nicely put together. I saw your photo chictopia.


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