Monday, 6 June 2011

What was supposed to be on my mind vs what's on my mind (today)

 It's the day I hate the most and love the most at the same time. "Odi et Amo,quare id faciam..." is what a latin poet once wrote.
I love it beacuse it's the beginning of a brand new week and the end of the week-end, during which I work.
I hate it because my brain refuses to work on Monday. It's just like it's been seriously damaged during working days and needs some time to recover. I wouldn't blame my poor nervous system, if only this wasn't a period a really needed to study in order to pass my exams!!

This is what was SUPPOSED to be on my mind today (tons of awfully boring books ugh?!?!)...
...and this is what is actually on my mind!

1.a pair of leggins similar to the one capture by the Sartorialist on this woman.
2.American apparel bodysuit as seen on KAYTURE
3.the shorts I'm in love with

As you can see my stream of conciuosness is taking place in an crowded library where I'm the only one who is pretending to study!

I hope my brain will cooperate with me tomorrow!


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  1. I love that American Apparel bodysuit as well but I'm still debating on whether to get it or not lol


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