Thursday, 22 September 2011






Wearing: top Zara, sandals Zara, shirt my dad's, cuffs necklace and bag h&m

This was not what I was thinking about this morning when I said " I'll be going out for a post today ". It all started with the idea that I wanted a longer length skirt, but I didn't have any. So I just took my dad's shirt and turn it into a skirt ( as I did here ) but then it looked better as a mini skirt. I had some errands to get done in the morning and of course all eyes and some smiles were on my skirt. In the afternoon I met with my friend R. ( I'll never be tired to say how much I enjoy your company ♥ ) and we had a great time. What I love the most about this outfit is the model-off-duty-do. It seems like I just came out a show and had a tour around the city.  I'm sure my style is evolving and hope my life will follow the same flow. 


  1. interesting "skirt"! that's very creative of you to think of that. I wish I could think of things like that, let alone, pull it off lol.. I'll be looking forward to more of your fashion ideas :)
    ps: thanks for the comment! i hope to be writing about what i have been learning in the book. so far I've only read part of the first chapter and it is just what i need. I'm so glad that I bought it!

    Kourtney Leanne

  2. i think this is brilliant! love the way you turn a shirt into a mini skirt dear.. its simple, effortless, yet super stylish!



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