Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quick post: what I won't be wearing




 Wearing dress asos
This probably what I won't be wearing this winter. I got this dress on last week. I loved it so much since the first time I saw it and took advantage of the fashion week 20% discount to buy it. Unluckily I got size 10 rather that 8 or 6 and this is what it looks like on me. It's too slouchy and it's not body conscious at all. I can't even get a smaller size because they're all sold out, and the dress comes in a super soft fabric and it's completely knitted - not sure a normal taylor can handle that! I'll be forced to put it in a small box, together with a portion of my heart, and send it back to UK, get a refund and get along with that. Anyway there's still a small chance that a size 8 could get back in stock. I'm keeping my finger crossed.
Hope the miracle can be done.


  1. That's cool that you got it from ASOS, i'm sorry it didn't fit right..
    I really want to get something from there, I just haven't found the perfect thing..


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