Friday, 22 July 2011

preview n°4

Get ready to see some movement at the old mill! You know I  would like to show you this post already but you'll have to wait. All I cant tell is that it's somenthing so so simple you colud see yourself wearing to school, to the library, to go shopping or just to walk around the small town you live in (which is what I did). In addition there is a litlle gadget at the end of the post that will surely make you smile and make your head spin after a while (ahaha, I'm alredy laughing because I know how silly it is)....All you have to do is come back tommorow..

p.s. Yesterday Little or no Makeup was visisted almost one houndred times. I know it's not that huge number we're all aspiring to but, as a newbie-blogger, that means sooo much to me so I just wanted to thank all those who didn't understimate the power that a single view or a lovely comment can have on another's person life. Thank you so much for being caring!


  1. i'm ready :)
    we re u from?

  2. Congrats for the hundred visits!! :)



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