Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ajar Doors

Wearing:jumper h&m, skirt h&m,shoes primark.
Pictures by my friend R.
This chic otufit is what I wore on my birthday. I have to admit that, unlike the rest of the entire world, I hate my birthday. It might seem (o well it is ) strange but on that particular day I always feel kind of blue. My friend and DIY analyst C. says it may be due to the meterological situation on that paticular day, exaclty 22 years ago and I kind of started believing in that.(a bad reason is always better than no reason). By the way I chose this all knitted cozy outfit that made me feel warm but sublity whispered "I'm the birthday girl". My new suede sandals I got in Baile Atha Cliath make the whole outfit seem so classy. So yes, there has been something pleasant on that day.


    It's great to see and to read! Well done, as always

  2. you look so pretty in that look!

    xoxo from



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