Thursday, 28 July 2011

Prints, blu, black, red.

Wearing: top h&m, shorts h&m, shoes primark
Pictures taken by the kind M.

Prints on a sunny day. I went on this shoot with my friend M. Actually I can't say she's a friend of mine but she's surely a girl who showed some interest for what I'm doing and offered to help me. Thank you darling. About this look: I felt free to break reinvent rules.
Rule n°1: black and blue must not be combined ----> It's not my fault if the only two printed clothes I own are black and blu
Rule n°2: too much of prints can make you eyes turn -----> Too bad
Rule n°3: merge colours ----> a pair of killer heels (even if the colour has nothing to with the rest) have the power to change you face.
No rule can control fashion

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  1. the red shoes are adorable! Love your stripey ensemble!!
    Come follow my blog hun :)


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