Friday, 5 August 2011

Quick post: The sunset..





Wearing shirt Zara, shorts h&m, cuffs h&m, wedges aldo
Pictures taken by M.

Good morning my lovely reader. I'm sorry for not updating this week but the sunset just happened to lay on my shirt. Ok ...I have to admit I'm no good at making up excuses. I just hope to get better at living next week so I can learn how to find time for everything ( I'm sooo busy! ). Till then enjoy this! The pictures were taken by the lovely M.(thank you!). Don't have much to say about it. It's kind of simple: a nice tank top, a pair of shimmery shorts and my beautiful aldo wedges with little or no accessories of course!
Must go now!


  1. Nice Outfit,the wedges are incredible!
    Have a nice day sweetie,xx'

  2. Mi piace un sacco quel bracciale dorato, nella tua creazione ci sta benissimo! Brava come sempre :)

  3. this is so nice, those gold cuffs are beautiful!


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