Saturday, 27 August 2011

I must...

pic name

pic name

Wearing:dress h&m,vest gifted,blouse stradivarius,shoes pittarello,necklace h&m
Pictures by my sister B.

I must be alive.


  1. hey! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! You have a very nice style and I see what you mean about the adrogonous style you have... it's very creative! I'm following you now! Follow back? xx

  2. Perfect job with the black and white,two very colors..dancing blouse,love it totally.The vibe is,wow,superb here..but I really like colors on you.Bright colors,perhaps...:D

  3. Hiii !: D Thank you for visiting my blog ! :)

    Hope to see you soon !:)

    xoxo A.


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